3-16-19 meeting

The March 16 meeting was a great success!  Although I did not get the blog up in time due to too many things going on I did want to say some things about it.

The meeting started as usual with the general business updates followed by presidents challenge and show and tell.  As is normally the case, the membership showed their incredible talent in both categories.


John provided a demo on avoiding  tearout and other problems.  He even went so far as to try creating it without much success.  I guess when you have as much experience as John does turning items, TRYING to cause tearout is much more difficult.

He did point out what causes the tearout and other problems we all face.  He is very adept at manipulating the various tools he uses so avoid the problems.

John pointed out that side grain and end grain cut differently when doing a standard bowl.  He also showed us that cutting uphill can cause problems because the fibers are being disturbed from  their natural lay.  We should always remember to cut downhill so the cut is supported by the underlying fibers.  As he said, wood is much like a stack of straws so care must be taken to allow the inner straws to support cutting of the outer straws.


When cutting an end grain bowl cuts should be draw cuts from the middle to the outside.  This will support the fibers as discussed previously.