2-16-19 meeting

The meeting and demo for February was a great success.  The meeting took place at the shop of Well Shoemaker and was followed by a hosted lunch in his winery of sausages, baked beans and potato salad.

The demo for the day was Tim Johnson on lace bobbins.  He spoke to us briefly about the history of bobbins and how it had expanded to its current status.  He then went on to show us several examples of lace bobbins he had created then began his demo turning a bobbin.  He turned a bees knees bobbin, explained a spangle, demonstrated wrapping a bobbin for appearance and explained how to do a barley twist although he could not one at that time.  He did an amazing job of demonstrating the various techniques used in turning a lace bobbin as well as the historical reference and personal history involved.  It was very interesting and informative.


After the demo, we all adjourned to the winery next door for a lunch of sausages, potato salad, baked beans, bread and of course wine, if anyone wanted to sample it.