1-19-19 meeting

The first meeting of the year began as usual with the business conducted, new members and guests introduced followed by presidents challenge which was “Winter” and show and tell.  And as usual the sheer creativity of our members was incredible.


The demo following the club business was natural edge forms presented by Tom Eovaldi.  He began by showing us how to mount a partially rounded blank in the lathe between centers and adjust as needed to remove off center and wobble problems.  Once the blank was secured, he turned to the pad on the easel behind him and explained what a natural edge turning meant and how to get it from a log.  He then turned back to the lathe and began truing up the blank prior to cutting the tenon.  Once the tenon was cut, the blank was turned and remounted on the tenon.  He then explained how to cut carefully to avoid knocking off the bark.  He proceeded to  core out the center of the bowl until just the wall thickness he wanted was achieved and the bark was secure on the rim.   Once the idea had been establish and everyone was satisfied, he shut down the lathe and began to show us a slide show of his previous work on natural edge forms.